Even during the zombie apocalypse, stupidity runs rampant! 

No on except for the serious doomsday preppers ever really believed the world would end with a "Zombie Apocalypse". The rest of us idiots thought the end would be initiated with a new war. Some kind of massive dick measuring contest between countries! Boy, were we wrong!

However, just because we were wrong about that doesn't mean we get a free pass to be stupid!

There's a lot to be said for COMMON-FUCKING-SENSE during this very stressful time in the new world that we live in!
Yes. There are monsters trying to eat our brains. Yes. It's total chaos out here. But, NO! We do NOT have to be stupid! I just watched an idiot go into a 'supercenter' and carry a big screen TV out the front door. Do you know what happened to that jack nut? I'll tell you... he couldn't see the zombie coming at him with that big box on his shoulder and that fucker got eaten! Yep! That's right, he was eaten ALIVE because he wanted a big screen TV.
Um... hell-o numbnuts! Where were you going to plug that shit in? Power is down and the only way we can do this whole blog thing is by charging our phones in our car!
People, seriously... act like you have at least as much common sense as God gave the cockroaches! ~Kylee


    Kylee and Jade

    This is one of the places we will update you guys on our progress killing Z-bags as we make our way home!


    March 2013